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    Yes, you can grow your coffee plant at home or in green house.

    It is not really hard to grow your own coffee plant, as long as you grow your plant indoors or in a green house (of course, when you are living in too volatile or too cold to allow the tree to grow).

    also the plant does well under artificial lighting.
    you need to water 2 per week in both a full watering and a half watering.
    * full watering : you add water and allow it to drain and then add water with fertilizer and allow it to drain again.
    * half watering : simple add water to the soil and allow it to drain.

    it is very very important (very) to keep the soil moist and not to moist that the roots start to drown.
    after the plant is well matured, you can reduce the water for 2 to 3 months around the time of winter. It will help to flower better. and when spring comes around, make it sure that the plant is well watered again.

    PERSONAL NOTE : I bought a coffee plant from amazon. Yes, amazon. a baby plant. i think that less than $10 or so. it came to my house with good protection and everything was perfect..... until few month later, I went to overseas for couple of month for business. then, when I came back, the plant died because my wife WATERED TOO OFTEN AND TOO MUCH! so I know watering is very important. LOL



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