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    Quote Originally Posted by Musicphan View Post
    My product mix is about the same... I think there is some polarized purchase behavior on Amazon.
    I just can not believe that flavored coffee is selling so well.....
    in coffee origin countries, NO ONE, i mean no one, drinks flavored coffee. I do not think that I even seen one in super market or anywhere....

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    Up until recently I have been using dark roasts to make french press coffee. But I've grown a little tired of the tendency for it to be a little bitter. So I recently bought a medium roast and found it to be a nice change of pace with less bitterness. I'm now trying different medium roasts to find the one I like best. I've been buying Java Love beans and ended up with their Good Morning Brew. I thought it was a medium roast but then look more closely at the label and found it is a mix of medium and light roasted beans. My next purchase sill be exclusively medium roast.


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