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Thread: New website

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    New website

    Hello coffeelovers,
    Will you give me feedback on my site?
    I got the idea at my work,(at the counter of the postoffice)were I saw lots of people send dutch coffee to there relatives and family''s overseas.

    It is not easy to start your own site as a bussy mom,and I had some help from a friend who knows more about computers then me.
    But finally the site is working!
    Please let me know what you think of it.

    The URL is in my profile.

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    Site review

    I think you have a great start. You may want to use a bigger font size so that the visitors can read your offerings easier.


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    quick suggestion...

    I like you site...

    What I would suggestion, and it's just a suggestion, is to table your site, and make the interior have a white background as well.

    Keep the outside your purplish color, but make the table of the site white.




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