15 bar pump for Cuisinart EM90C expresso machine

The story...
Not long ago I bought a EM90C espresso m/c... it worked well.
Then, the 15 bar pump failed (brew flow got slower, then stopped!)
The unit was still under warranty, so I emailed Cuisinart service. To my surprise, they said: "We'll send you a new machine in 8 to 18 working days. Please cut off the power cord close to the unit, take a photo of this and mail to us to keep the balance of warranty"... which I did. It appears that they don't fix stuff!

The new machine, complete will all accessories, arrived by Canada Post in exactly 18 working days! ... and, of course, it's now in service. BTW, it's a EM100C... I've no idea what the difference is from an EM90C. Perhaps they fixed the pump weakness! Anyway, I now have a good original machine... but no pump!

The inquiry:
As a technician, I can easily get the dead pump out (small rivets and tie-wrapped tube seals) and put in a new one, be it Cuisinart brand or any generic pump of nominally the same size to go into the space... any connecting and fitting work-arounds should be quite easy. Of course, a new power cord is trivially easy.
Does anyone know where I can buy the above pump... either the original or similar? At this time, I am reluctant to ask Cuisinart directly... they have done very well by me so far and I don't want to appear too demanding!

Thanks for all replies.
Stay well...
PS. I forgot to mention: pump is "CEME-ULKA, Model E, Type EP5, 120 VAC, 60 Hz."
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Kind of odd that a pump went out so early on. My most heavily used machine had about 10,000 doubles pushed through it and the pump was still in decent shape, but I replaced it anyway to maintain good/solid pressure. You should be able to find a similar pump (likely better) on Amazon/Ebay for maybe $30 at most. Many are kinda generic in that one will fit most applications. Your current pump should have a label on it listing the wattage/duty cycle and just get something that matches it and of course has the same inlet/outlet connections.

Did you bother trying to descale it as it doesn't take long for hard water to take a toll? The tiny passages in a pump/plumbing can clog rather easily.
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Thanks for this... will investigate. I also intend to check the series element in the 120 VAC power to the pump. It looks like an over-temperature switch.
EDIT: Did this. Series element is not open circuit. Full supply voltage goes to pump.
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