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Jun 25, 2014
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We've got this posted in the sponsors section, but since that's kind of a backwater, I asked if we could drop a "heads up" in Coffee Roasters.

National Coffee Roasting Competition: "Focus on the Roast 2015"

Focus On the Roast - Roasting Competition!

Taxes are done so it is time for a roasting competition! Who is up for the challenge?

Coffee professional or amateur, this is your chance to match your roaster and your skills in a community-based "Roast Off." The competition is open to you regardless of what brand roaster you use.

We've got fabulous prizes and hope to spark conversation across an array of forums. We've also got a great coffee and support from Cafe Imports and judging by a collection of semi-pro cuppers anchored by BoldJava with Cafe Imports serving as judges of our finalists.

This is a chance for our community to come together to share learning and results across the nation against different equipment and differing roasting styles. This competition is not limited to our North roasters. Get those Ambex, Behmor, and heat gun/dog bowls warmed up!

Although somebody's going to win, we'd like this to be less about competition and more about education. Please share your questions, cupping notes, roast logs and results. A discussion forum link will be here (https://millcityroasters.com/focus-on-the-roast/forum/).

Most of all, enjoy the coffee and the process, maybe learn a thing or two, make some new friends and have a blast!

Roast on, Steve Green and Dave Borton, BoldJava


Focus On The Roast - Roasting Competition

• Continue to build community,
• See who out there are the best roasters,
• Award prizes and give recognition to the top three roasters
• Create a learning event where knowledge is shared, learning is fostered, and through a forum, have a free exchange of ideas occur

• Homeroasters
• Small commercial roasters

• 1st place - $1000 certificate (transferable) to use with a purchase of any North Roaster: https://millcityroasters.com/coffee-roasters/
• 2nd place - A Tonino roast color meter. https://millcityroasters.com/shop/roast ... lor-meter/
• 3rd place - $200 certificate towards the purchase of greens. https://millcityroasters.com/product-ca ... fee-beans/

Lots more details. Complete Information is provided here: (https://millcityroasters.com/roaster-news/). Please join us and make this a community learning a success. Roast on!

Who is in?

Steve Green