23 Starbucks stores vandalized in Houston Texas

Do you agree with these vandals?

  • Yes, I could have been one of them.

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  • Yes, I secretly am glad they did this, though I wouldn't participate.

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  • I agree with their views, but vandalism is never justified.

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  • I don't think Starbucks is any different than other coffee cafes.

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  • no, and in fact they just lost any credibility to their cause.

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  • no, their views are crazy, and they are a miniscule, extremist population.

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  • My cat's breath smells like cat food.

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Mar 25, 2003
New Jersey ... 04/7094546

I can't believe people go to these lenghts just for a difference of opinion.

The busy vandals who squeezed glue and forced toothpicks into the locks of 23 Starbucks coffee outlets here during the weekend, leaving a mock notice from management to customers taped to the door.

The page-long note is a slam, parodied as a statement from the company, promising to reverse tactics that critics say include putting small competitors out of business, denying "fair" prices to coffee growers, and using genetically engineered milk.

"Thanks for your support in dealing with these vital issues," the message closes.

Are these vandals jealous of Starbuck's popularity?

What do you guys think?


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Oct 29, 2003
London, UK
I voted "I agree with their views but vandalism is never justified". Actually, that's not enirely true, as far as the views go - I haven't got enough information to verify all of the accusations although I would suspect that they are at least partly truthful.

However, bringing attention to the point by vandalism is out of order. Civil disobedience is great but if it's not tied into a willingness to stand up, be counted and take the punishment, it's thuggery - not quite terrorism but, in my opinion, no more morally defensible.

Better courses of action would either be:

a) Gum up the locks and attach a list of the conspirators to the note. They'll not only get the publicity from the stunt but they'll also get their day in court and people will see that they have deep convictions rather than a mere penchant for mischief.

b) Stick the notices on the doors but leave the locks alone. Contact the newspapers so that reporters might be there when staff arrive to unlock - still a good chance of getting a story (and far more people will see it in the paper than would have found out at the store anyway) but without the criminal damage.



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Aug 14, 2003
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So....I guess Walmart is next? I hope I never make a lot of money....they might come after me....American dream? To be poor...or do they want you to be happy with just getting by...sorry but I want to be rich :|


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Mar 7, 2003
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Starbucks Vandalized

Because Starbucks owns all of their stores and doesn't give the general public the oportunity to invest with them in their future I think it makes people more hateful to the company. If you can't beat them, join them does not work in this case unless you want to just work for their company and not own a piece of it.

Vandalism isn't justified, come on folks you can beat them it isn't impossible and no need to play dirty, just get some marketing ideas together, use their ideas and enhance them because something they're doing they are doing right. That is of course is if you want to be rich and powerful like Mr. Starbucks ;)


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Mar 25, 2003
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I may raise some of your eyebrows, but I think it is just sour grapes.
Starbucks putting competitors out of business? Obviously it is because they have done something right. If they weren't the Number One, someone else would be.
Genetically engineered milk? Or do they mean milk from genetically engineered cows? out of all of the Starbucks shops that I have been to, I have witnessed someone refilling the milk containers at about half of them. They were filling with regular ol' "Insert_local_Dairy_Farm_Name_Here" milk that you get yourself from the grocery store. If these people are so concerned about fair trade - they should visit the hundreds of companies that move their sweatshops offshore and pay women and children 10 pence a day in appalling conditions. (Anyone remember Nike?)

**opinionated rant**
These people remind me of the Neurotic Hippy-wannabes in college walking around with signs that say "Save Tibet." Ask them "Where's Tibet?" and they don't know. GRRRRR
**end opinionated rant**