50,000 cash ....no experience...What to do?


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Apr 5, 2006
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Please avoid the obvious...."give it to me" post because that will never happen.

It even makes me laugh thinking about it.

I'm just a guy with a bit of investment cash and I would like to open a coffee kiosk or shop in a Northeastern US suburb 100,000 people, 42,000 homes, average income is 65,000, average home price 180,000. Retail space sqft runs 16 to 25 NNN.

I have excellent credit and could secure bank loans if needed.


What would you do?
Where would you put your money?
How would you reduce risk?
if you need some advice, I don't mind sharing, although there are alot of questions I need to ask you. You are thinking of the northeast that is the area that I am most familiar with ( we have six stores in the northeast) maybe I can set you off in the right direction.