$80 Commercial Wifi Hotspot from Wifitastic.com


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May 15, 2006
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Hi Folks,

We've just released a new way of managng a wifi hotspot that is aimed at independant coffee shop owners (amongst others!)

Key points are

$79.95 gets you a commercial-quality wifi hotspot!
You set the rates.
Customers pay by credit card.
We make it Granny-Simple!
You get 60% of the revenue

Essentially, you buy our hotspot, plug it into your existing internet connection, fill in one web form to set up your details (how much you want to charge, etc) and we then handle it from there. There is no need for you to manage passwords, monitoring or anything like that.

During the beta ohase, we're doing a deal where we'll refund the $80 dollars that it cost to buy the hotspot after you run $250 worth of business through it (that's in addition to your 60% comission)

What do you think?