8x8 Mountain Mudd Building and eqiupment for SALE!!


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Mar 18, 2012
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For sale is our 4 year old Mountain Mudd Espresso Kiosk. This name brand building is made from aluminum and steel. Buyers are able to use the building and continue with the franchise or do your own thing and sell numerous products out of this double sided drive though kiosk. Included:
Nuova Simonelli (Make) Premier Maxi (model) Espresso Machine
Nuova Simonelli (make) MDX (model) Grinder
Bunn VPR series brewer
Bunn Ultra 2 Granita Machine
Commercial grade refrigerator
CCTV Security System
Credit Card Processor
On demand hot water heater
Cash register
6 Curb stops
The building includes:
15,000 BTU AC/heating unit (roof mounted)
2 roof access panels
4-Gable billboard awnings with single door graphics
Industrial tile flooring
3-compartment sink with faucets
Hand-washing sink with faucet
Dual pane windows with 2 sliding service windows
Insulated door with electronic digital lock
(2) 14" x 36" attachable menu boards
(2) Removable ice chests
Push style trash compartment and receptacle
Service drawer and 3 under-counter storage cabinets
Pullout work shelves (center front)
Recessed removable, bottomless stainless steel knock box
(2) Rear cabinets
Side ceiling shelving (3 sides)
Rear display shelving
The following items are have been replaced and/or updated for the building:
· Water heater $250
· 2 new faucets for the sink $200
· New water filter $100
· New pump for the water tanks, repair tanks, repair and paint tank brackets $300
· New knock box $60
· Bunn coffee maker $250
· Canopy light $50
· New door knobs and lock $150
· Skirting for exterior of the building $400
· Espresso machine maintenance and new parts $3000
· Bunn ultra 2 maintenance $500
· Refrigerator ( new condenser fan) $250
· Security system $600
· New open signs $400
· Update exterior $200
Buyer beware on other kiosks!! I purchased this unit as a turn key operation and as you can see I had to sink thousands more into the building and equipment to operate properly. I guarantee this to be 100% functional and for all equipment to operate when delivered to you!
With over 100K invested I am asking for less than half of this. You can have a fully functional equipment and kiosk for $30,000. Located at Jonesboro, AR 72401. I CAN/WILL DELIVER TO YOUR READY SITE!!!!
Hello baughcoffee,

Please post a message here when you sell you kiosk. That way, people won't keep asking about it.

Thanks for including such a detailed description of the kiosk and its contents!


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MM1.JPGmm2.jpgmm3.jpgmm4.jpgmm5.jpgThank you I hope this helps