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Mar 15, 2008
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I have got a web site about coffee makers and espresso machines. I would love to hear some feedback about the site.

Please have a look (just click the www button below) and let me know what you think.

All the syndicated advertising is a bit "in your face", with adverts top side and bottom!

Not really sure I understand what the site is trying to do, unless it's an attempt to gether sales related information from around the web in one place, or is the information based upon your own personal experience of such equipment?

if it's a gathering of sales data, then it's moderately useful, but people visiting will still have to "look for themselves" in case you have missed something. Much of the information looks very good for the beginner, other areas are a bit thin on good content e.g. grinders.

I think the Internet is funny, with these little islands of content in the ocean of information
Hey coffeepotato,

Welcome, I'm glad you came back here to get some input on your site.

About your site......... you missed a few spots where you could have put more advertising. Just kidding, it didn't distract me too much. I've learned to ignore ads.

Although the info wasn't that strong, I did find it easy to navigate and the descriptions were easy for a novice like me to understand.
Now, I want a moka pot!

You could certainly beef up the grinder section with more info and possibly even some photos of the various grinder options.

Spell check-
"Obviously you also loose some control over the espresso shot" - should read lose.

Over all, I enjoyed my visit there. Good luck with it.
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Thanks you guys. I really appreciate your comments..

Yes, the grinders section needs some work. I am slowly adding more content (a few pages every week) and I have several grinder pages on my "to do list".

Thanks for pointing out that the purpose of the website is not clear. The information on the web site is mostly gathered from various customer reviews and a lot of other internet sources. I guess I should make it clear on my home page.

I am glad you liked my Moka pot section - it's at the moment probably the most complete part of the web site.

Thank you again for the feedback and for taking the time to browse through my pages.