A once in a life time bean offer for forum members

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This has been cleared by th mods of the coffee forum:
"You can offer members any type of deal just as long as it is coffee related and doesn't go against our rules for engagement. No spam, porn, drugs, ect... You must also make it known that you are the sole person offering this offer and it is not the forums."

Only problem is that Esmeralda Special, the rarest coffee from Panama is like a porno drug to many coffee drinkers and you may agree once you taste it! Here at wwwrocketfuelcoffee.com I have a limited amount roasted and I want it sold while it is at its freshest peak, so I am offering to a couple of forums where I am active by e-mail only at $50 a half pound (reg $75/half pound) plus shipping.

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To read all about it but e-mail me at [email protected] and let me know you aw this offer here. I will invoice you personally.

While supplies last.