Advice on electrical load


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Aug 17, 2021
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Hi guys I hope someone can help me,
I'm Josh and I live in Singapore.
I'm searching for a small unit to rent and start my own little coffee shop.
A unit I found which I like a lot has one major flaw, the electrical load available is only 30 amps single phase. Obviously my first choices of machines are now out of the question as I originally was looking at a Sanremo cafe racer or Kees spirit. Ive been thinking the next best option would be a single boiler heat exchanger such as Sanremo F18sb or Kees mirage as these machines use 15-20amps. Has anyone got any experience with these machines and how much demand would over power them? The other option is a single group such as a gs3. Is anyone using a single group machine in a shop who could advise me how hard it is to keep up with the demand?

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