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Mar 6, 2006
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If an owner of a coffee shop wanted to sell it, what would be the best way?
I'm not sure if we do, but so many times lately it seems to be the answer to several problems, none really related to the business. it is doing well.

I don't think it would be smart to have the fact that it is for sale be known.
the property and business would both be for sale, but not as a "package" per say. we would probably have to determine a fair price for them separately. and the roasting portion could possibly be a third part, or could be combined with the business.

the location is in a location where lots of artsy/high end development is going on. perhaps we should sell the business and keep the property.

are commercial business brokers the way to go? what about appraisals for business so out of the norm as a coffee shop? do they have their own set of rules?

I am torn. there are a lot of personal feelings at play here, and it is hard.