Almost screwed-up my Silvia

Bill Laine

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Jan 5, 2008
New Orleans
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Last night I decided to clean the screen on my 3-week old Silvia. Took it off and was surprised when an extra part fell out. Sort of a washer with a sleeve on it. Wasn't quite sure how it went but put it back with the washer side up, nearest the machine. (Couldn't find the manual, was in a hurry.) Tightened it down - didn't feel quite right.

Got up this morning and warmed the machine up. Ran some water through the screen to see what would happen. Nothing good is what I saw. Took it apart again - aha, the washer must go down, under the screen. But tightening it the wrong way put a dent in the screen around the hole. Fortunately a little ball-peen hammer work made it right. It seems to be working OK but I could have messed it up beyond repair pretty easy.

Tried my first shot of espresso roast from Drake's Coffee. <> it is pretty good. I like the guy's story. He is established in the bicycle business (like me) and got the coffee bug. Now he roasts in the back of the bike shop.

New Orleans


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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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That little washer technical name is the group jetbraker. Some often refer to it as a shower head. Water hits that and is dispersed all over the screen. Without it the water has a tendency to come straight down and out.

A new shower screen isn't that expensive and runs around $3.36. If you need a new one the Rancilio part number is 402-00-005.