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Mar 10, 2005
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Hi, After running into this site, I thought maybe someone can help. I know almost nothing about the coffee industry except that we (family) own a coffee farm in the highlands of Guatemala. My interest in my own coffee came suddenly, only a few days ago. So, my questions are, do I need a business license to sell my own coffee online? Also how do I find out what price to sell green coffee by the lb? Anyone??


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Dec 5, 2004
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You only need a business license if your local laws require it. Sometimes a city or county want you to file. To sell online you don't need a special license. I am from Costa Rican and started my online coffee business last year at

I cupped great Guatemalan coffee last year and would be interested in some small quantities of 1 lb. bags to test the market on my site to add to my other varieties. Please contact me through my website.

I don't offer green beans but you can easily check the market by searching the web and seeing what others are priced at.

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A lot of what you can sell coffee for depends on its quality and any certifications it might have.

If you go to (New York Board of Trade) and click in the link for coffee you can see what the market is for different grades. It is confusing. The section on contract specs tells you someting about basis points. Those are the +/- from the "C-price" based on country of origin.

Your best bet would be to get in touch with the Specialty Coffee Association of America and look for a seminar or a class. If you have specialty grade coffee, the SCAA is one of your best sources of information.

One of the other sources of info would be your family members. There is a lot to learn and you can't beat the knowledge that comes from living it. And if you can, go down the farm for a couple months, live with the people and go through a harvest. You will be able to sell your coffee so much better if you have your own stories as background.


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