Alternative to NewCo OCS-12 / BrewTek ES18


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Jun 6, 2021
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so, like 200 years ago, on the advice of this very forum, I purchased the most perfect home drip coffee maker I shall ever purchase : the NewCo OCS-12.
It was on sale because they were no longer going to make it, and included 2 of the fantastic glass-lined carafes. I believe this was around 2009?
It's still going. 1-3 pots a day, nearly every day, for 12 years. I've done nothing to it except flush it with a descaler every few years.

We have a summer house, and it also needs a coffee maker. We've tried various others - some much fancier. None as good.
Sadly, the OCS-12 is the stuff of legend now. Apparently in 2014 people found a manufacture (BrewTek) to resurrect it in a part-for-part identical model, the ES18. That also seems to be out of production.

So, good coffee people, my question to you all is, what have you found to fill the void left by the OCS-12 / ES18? It appears that one can almost assemble an OCS-12 from the replacement parts available online, and I'm tempted. Is there an alternative?
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