American Barista & Coffee School - 3rd Birthday


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Oct 18, 2004
Portland, OR
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Hello CF Gang,

I am thrilled to announce that last month was our 3rd year in session at the American Barista & Coffee School. Alot has happened in 3 years and we are so excited about what this year has to bring. We have had hundreds of amazing students attend our school from all over the US, and the world, including Bermuda, Costa Rica, Japan, Bahrain, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand, Korea, South Africa, Aruba, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, Spain and El Salvador.

Last April we moved into our new facility as we had outgrown our initial training lab. We now have 2500 sq. ft. dedicated to coffee business education and full barista training and coffee house menu training. We have added wifi, P.O.S. training, 6 brewing methods for drip coffee, 10 commerical espresso machines, panini workshop, a full media center and more.

I look forward to every month as I can't explain how great it is to welcome a great group of entrepeneurs to Portland, the epicenter of the US coffee scene.

This last month was very special. It was the first month that we now have our very own Clover Brewer installed full time at the school. What a treat to share this technology with our students, (and to make coffee on each morning)

We also have added a roasterie tour to the agenda at Portland Roasting, in addition to our coffee house walking tour, and we continue to host cuppings with Joel, head roaster at Stumptown Coffee Roasters. This month he brought a special guest, John Bosco, from Rwanda. John is working here in Portland on sort of an exchange from his native country, Rwanda, where he has worked in coffee his whole life.

This weeks classes ended with a student mock Latte Art Competition where students worked in teams, as well as on their own to show off their newly aquired latte art skills. Jared and I are both finalists (Jared took 2nd place) in past Millrock Latte Art Competitions so it is extremely fun to give new baristas a small taste of what it's like to compete, even just for fun.

Pics from last week: ... 507346670/

This year as well will be our first year where we will soon be offering pro-sumer and consumer classes twice a month, along with a 3 day consumer class for those looking to get away and spend some time in "Coffee Country".

Anyway, thanks to our 60+ sponsors, adn a lot of hard work, we have been able to really create quite an experience here in PDX, and I look forward to seeing what the new year has in store.


- Matt