any good espresso machine for home? help


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Sep 17, 2004
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:? :? hi I'm an espresso lover, as my nick name declares ,and I'm trying to find a good espresso maker machine for home. I usually drink coffe at espresso corners (professional way!) and I wonder how I'm gonna get this taste at home. I can't afford a machine over 180-190euros. Any ideas ? :(
If you want quality on a budget, look for a refurbished commercial single group. La Cimbali if you can find one. It is still probably going to be a bit outside your stated range, but you'll never need to replace it.

Look for companies that service espresso equipment in the yellow pages or on line. The generally have used equipment. Stay away from the plastic consumer stuff, especially used.

Like drrum_bi suggests, look at the reviews on those sites. Buy local just to make sure the equipment is wired for 220v (you're in Yurp, right?)

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