Anyone out there have opinions about Illy Arabica ??


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Sep 27, 2007
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Am about to open a new coffee shop here on the west coast of Ireland and would like to know if you've got any opinions on a house coffee and whether it needs to be a known name like Illy? I'm a reasonably regular espresso drinker and enjoy Illy's Arabica and have tried and tested many and always come back to the same. Would appreciate any suggestions and arguments regarding a good house coffee. Many thanks in advance
Oct 10, 2007
Lancashire UK
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We operate a small family business in Lancashire UK supplying freshly roasted coffee as the taste is far better if drank soon after roasting as the oils are far more prominent which is giving you the taste. Illy coffee is roasted in italy and then shipped to the country of choice( may be i need to add a disclaimer here just incase i''m wrong).However many company''s can roast the same beans in the same roasting machines and acheive a similar outcome, coffee is very much like whisky all down to taste you may love Bells i may hate it. If you can satisfy 85% of your target customers you are doing very good.We have a fantastic blend called Equators World Blend made up from Guatemalan, kenyan AA and Pacific Monsooned Malabar which is half the price of Illy, If you would like a sample let me know as it can be shipped to you on the same day as roasting to let you taste coffee how it should be which is fresh!!!!!!
Please note \" In no way am i saying Illy is not fresh it is equally as good as any brand \"

Sorry just have to be cautious


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Feb 8, 2005
South Africa
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ive been waiting for someone to post a topic on illy.
i am very familiar with illy arabica as it is found in many franchise coffee and espresso bars in south africa...and from what ive seen and heard from some of my other coffee geek/roaster buddies...illy is very sarisfying to the regular coffee drinker. they always have a very constant taste and whether im in cape town or johannesburg...illy will always taste the same...but (and this is a big but) some of th local coffee maniacs (me and my roaster croniez) arent all that satisfied with illy. not for one minute are we disputing the freshness or the quality, we just feel that regarding espresso...we tend to favour other brands....once again ILLY ISNT BAD AT ALL...were just not over fond of it.
****heres what im using at the moment and i am yet to have someone complaining about this blend....its brilliant for espresso and not too expensive.....brazil natural, brazil pulped, honduras wet processed and dominican republic...try it!


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Feb 11, 2008
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another blend 100% arabica from Italy

I have found another very good blend from Italy. Mokaflor is a small roasting Factory that has developed a coffee concept with a strange name, Chiaroscuro. They have a very good blend 100 % arabica. In my opinion it is perfectly balanced, with a right acidity.