arabica supplier is looking for demand


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Aug 4, 2007
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hey, everyone! A professional Asian coffee company is looking for demand :p We are a company for coffee growing,processing,marketing and sales. We have truly superior arabica coffee bean.

I am looking for demand. It seems everybody is on holiday now :(

can you give me any suggestion about how to find demand? :)
You need to target roasters that fall in your particular niche, be willing to send free samples of your (green) beans for them to cup, provide all relevant information-- Farm Location, elevation, specific coffee cultivar (Bourbon, Catui, etc.)Coffee harvested when, method of processing , number of lots, specific lot number of the sample sent, costs, etc.

Having a booth at the CoffeeFest in Seattle or similar would be a good start.
Roasters will be drawn by the quality, price, expertise/knowledge, viability/ sustainability of farm, repeatability of flavor profile each year, etc.
I would work at having a better understanding of the market as well. Perhaps joining or contacting the Roaster's Guild may be a benefit.

Good Luck!