Arduino powered Rocket e61 espresso machine (Smart Coffee)


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Sep 27, 2023
New Zealand
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Recently, my Rocket's controller became faulty. I decided to take the opportunity to replace the factory Gicar controller with an Arduino Mega Pro. Ultimately this led me down a 3month long rabbit hole of tuning and adding additional features. Such as PID logic, flow meter, reservoir water level detection, OLED display that prints pressure, temp, dispensed water, reservoir water level, and more.


I've published a video on my channel, documenting the process

And posted a guide of the process on my website:

I have several other features I'd like to add. However, I'm eager to hear what people think of this mod? and what new features/ideas you might like to see added?
I'm also keen to learn more about the different hardware configurations found on single and dual-boiler machines to improve software compatibility?