Are there ANY ESE pod sellers in Canada?


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Mar 12, 2006
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I've got an old Krups ESE machine that I'm thinking of bringing in to work, using pods because while we have a water cooler, the washroom is on the other side of the floor and using fresh-ground would involve a hell of a lot of walking between shots.

Problem is, I'm in Canada.

And there are NO pod sellers in this country; not that I can find, anyway.

US retailers like 1st-line either won't ship to Canada, or charge $33 brokerage to get across the border. When I just want to order a few dozen pods to see how the office likes 'em -- whether or not they want to order them regularly -- that's lunacy.

ANY mail-order Canadian places doing ESE pods? I just need a couple dozen to see if we have a taste for it; if so, we'll probably start ordering in bulk.