Asking for Tips at a Coffee Shop


Jun 12, 2018
Saint Petersburg Florida
For those who own or work as a barista in a local coffee shop,
Would it be rude to ask questions about how certain drinks are made? Would you consider me wanting to know how you make a cappuccino or a latte at home as just going their for that info to just go home, make my own coffee, or steal your recipes? I have been asking what their coffee selection is being served for their espresso and drip coffee.


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Aug 14, 2003
Boca Raton
Lol. They will never be able to replicate your recipes. I take that back. If they buy an espresso machine for $16,000 or more they might be able to after they are trained. I wouldn't be so guarded on your recipes. I tell everyone what is in my blends. I don't care. If they are trying to replicate good for them...they wont get it exact though. Instead of keeping your cards close to your chest..invite them to learn. Trust me they will buy a crappy $50 machine go home and play barista for about 2 weeks then the novelty will wear off.


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Feb 28, 2008
Near Philadelphia, PA
Are you supposed to tip at coffee shops?

This thread is about the kind of tips that are considered to be helpful information that a person would want to know.

In this case, a tip is a small but useful, piece of practical advice on how to make coffee drinks.

But, to answer your question . . . Yes, it is a good idea to tip at coffee shops. Tip money is always welcomed, especially if the barista gives you some tips on how to make coffee at home.