B-52 what the heck is it??


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Aug 18, 2004
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does anyone know what b-52 flavoring. we just ordered some in and none of us knows what the heck it is. i guess my boss knows but she is gone. so if anyone knows i would be much abliged.

From a manufacturer's site: http://www.davincigourmet.com

B-52: Named for the famous bar drink made from Kahlúa liqueur, Irish Cream and Grand Marnier. This non-alcoholic syrup is a combination of coffee, Irish Cream and a hint of orange flavor.


What does irish cream taste like? Well, Baileys irish cream is made from a blend of Irish whiskey and cream. The cream used in the drink comes from Avonmore Waterford Plc. This is a co-operative dairy located in the ‘Golden vale’ fertile farmlands about 70 miles outside of Dublin. Only fresh cream delivered daily is used and it has to blended within hours of arriving at the distillery or else it is given to the pigs which live on the accompanying farm to consume (Their's must be such a hard life). Added to this mix is a small portion of vanilla and chocolate with the sweetning provided by sugar which comes from sugarbeet also grown and processed in Ireland.

Baileys use over 4 million litres of Irish cream a year to make their liqueur, this amounts to 4.3% of Ireland’s total milk production.


Too bad B-52 isn't flavored like Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson.


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Jun 8, 2006
Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Is a B-52 so old fashioned that noone knows it anymore?
What the second guy said.

Pour khalua in a shot (1/2)

Pour slowly (preferably over a spoon) the Bailleys so that they don't mix. (leave a little room on top)

Pour again slowly (over a spoon) Grand Marnier.

Light it and serv it

Usually it is a shot but can be servered in a long too i think!!

It might be some years since I've had it but I will never forget it!!

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