BALESTRA coffee roaster

taken from a wesite:


* very robust and high quality metal construction
* double-tongue, self-cleaning rotating drum to allow a uniform roast and maximum durability
* roasting takes place by means of air circulation (convection) and not infrared gas, with indirect heating, given by a non-conductivity oven for a perfect roast everytime and at minimal operation costs
* complete with built-in chaff collector to occupy a minimum amount of space with continuous roasting capability
* very easy to maintain with no special tools needed
* the exhaust pipe can be easily dismantled
* security bar system for automatic shut-off to eliminate all possible injury
* operation : by natural or propane gas with electric panel controls via electronic LED digital display and electronic thermostat and sensor probe
* requires only one exhaust and outlet for all operations

Re: 1)dissing IR heating...well too bad: it's the best. convection in my opinions is just a big pop corn hopper.
2)everything else is standard in Diedrich roaster with can use Ir/convection/conduction/radiant heat to roast.

My vote is for a industry standard. Try looking a this: