Bali Shinzan Arabica:

Bali Arabicas

There are a heck of a lot of Robusta plantations in Bali and one or two Arabica plots. One I have been too is up past kintamani, about 2 hours from Denpassar. The plantation is owned by an American and is a small, shaded plantation producing about 15mt of bean a year. The green bean I tried was dry processed, not wet. Not one of my personal favourites- I prefer the Sumatran beans I get my hands onto here..... however from memory the plantation was quite picturesque. If I am not wrong the owner was looking at selling up..... maybe an opportunity for someone who would like to have the best of all worlds........ coffee, the tropics and sunsets to die for! :)
Hello all. I have had some friendly correspondence with Mr Tony Goh, a partner in the Shinzan Arabica plantation in Bali. He has invited me down to have a tour and a visit in May. I will bring the digital camera, get some samples and do a roast (or 5!). Will post a comprehensive report on my return. Alun