Bean samplers on web?


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Jun 19, 2004
I want to try a variety of roasted beans so that I can buy larger qtys of the flavors I like. Is there a web based store that roasted bean samplers?

Or is there just a good web store to buy roasted coffee beans?

Any thoughts appreiciated.

thank you
Hello rkruz. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of internet stores that could provide a "sampler" pack to you of a variety of roasted beans. You should really try and identify a store "near" you that can order from. By near- ideally a roaster based at least within the same country as you to keep costs reasonable and freshness absolutley at its prime. As you have yet to post where you are based its a bit hard to give some recomendations. Good luck

Sid Post

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Jun 26, 2004
My question is essentially the same. Live in the USA in the Sonoran Desert so, my local options are limited. I think that my best option would be to find a good web based store to do business with.

I have been looking at since their prices seem reasonable when shipping is added in. I am assuming I can order direct from Indonesia and get my coffee through U.S. Customs but, I have not verified that yet.

I would appreciate specific recomendations on web-sites to patronize and/or specific blends or sampler packs for a newbie coffee maker like myself.
Hello Sid...good to see you onboard. The basic problem for US based citizens is the very strict new laws that have been implemented by the FDA, US Customs and Homeland Security Act. For any type of food item to be imported into the USA the exporter at origin must have registered and complied with FDA's criteria as laid out in the Bio-terrorism Act. This is a piece of legislation designed to keep nasties out of the US food-chain. OK...thats just the start. Food product arriving in the USA then needs to be declared and in many cases physically inspected. Inspection costs are not free...and are normally charged back to the shipper. I have seen cases where 20' containers have taken 3 weeks to get from a US sea port through to delivery- costs are around $800-$1000 for inspection costs. In your case you would not be looking at these kind of costs....

However it makes sense for all serious American Coffee drinkers to look locally at present. I certainly am not taking the risk of shipping any of my product to the USA....I am proud of the freshness of what's roasted here...I do not want clients to be disappointed because of delays in deliverying to them. Some recommendations......??? Maybe do a google search :grin:

Coffee Guy

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Oct 19, 2003
Seattle,Washington USA
I'd have to agree with A.E., with all of the new regulations added since 9/11, the trade has suffered somewhat when it comes to all of the new restrictions shipping to other countries. What types of coffees are you looking for and what quanities are you looking to buy? You can virutally go to any coffee website and order, but if you are particular about what you want you can always do a Google search and see what you come up with.

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