Beautiful Coffee Cart to sell


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Oct 2, 2006
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It is possibly the most beautiful cart I have found, but because of relocating I have to part with it, so take care of my baby! It is a portable, rolling, stainless steel coffee cart. This cart is in excellent condition and very easy to maneuver. Used gently for only 6 weeks, like new. Efficient design allows for easy portability, when closing business or for security. Includes pop-out sink with hot and cold water, mini refrigerator, storage unit with cash-register drawer that locks, and 7 outlets. The outlet for Hot Water System will switch to off/on depending on when the Coffee Machine is using power.
Model# EMU 001US, 240 volt, 30amps, frequency 50Hz, and a fuse for a water pump, and water pump has 12v, also has 12 AC lights.
Has a retractable hood and two side wings that expand to 12ft 2in long, 4ft 6in wide, and 7ft tall. When closed it is 6ft long, 4 ft wide, and a height of 6ft 1in.

Please call Caitlin @ 301 588 3475 if interested.
I am located in Maryland/ Washington DC Metro