BEMACASH POS - Use any credit card processor! EMV, NFC, Debit- As low as $30 a month!


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Apr 14, 2016
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I wanted to let you know that Bemacash is excellent for coffee shops & cafes.


- Affordable up front
- Affordable monthly
- Same hardware / software vendor
- Manage inventory / employees / reports, from anywhere!
- Wireless or hard wired internet options
- EMV ready
- DEBIT / EBT Compatible
- Easy to use
- Complete integration with Intuit Quickbooks

Thanks to cloud-based technology Bemacash allows you to manage your business from anywhere at anytime.

Simply log into your business portal from any device with an internet connection to manage and track inventory, employees, vendors, purchase orders and so much more.

The feeling of knowing what is happening with your business when you’re not there, will give you piece of mind and that is priceless. ​

Exponential growth in both technology and payments has changed the way consumers pay for goods and services. With the emergence of Near-Field Communications (NFC) and Host Card Emulation (HCE) paving the way for mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet and SamsungPay, consumers are quickly adapting this new payment method. ​

Besides mobile wallets, the US market has embarked on a huge disruption with the adoption of EMV and Shift of Liability that took place on October 1st 2015. Under this new liability shift according to Visa, “the party that is the cause of a chip transaction not occurring (i.e., either the issuer or the merchant’s acquirer processor) will be held financially liable for any resulting card present counterfeit fraud losses.” For small merchants, this liability could potential result in heavy fines or in the worse case cause so much financial burden that the merchant is forced to close their business. ​

Traditional point-of-sale systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars and often have to be paid for up-front. This can cause a huge cash flow problem for the business owner.


In an effort to alleviate this burden, Bemacash offers a variety of subscription models ranging from monthly to yearly so you can decide what works best for you. ​

Bemacash Retail Bundles are fully equipped to support the day-to-day operation of your convenient store, gift shop, boutique, pet shop, electronic store, candy shop and many more. Our ‘retail view’ provides a clean user interface for your store by not crowding your view with thousands of icons; quickly ring up sales with a barcode scanner to keep lines moving. If you prefer a crowded screen, you can easily switch the view within the app — the choice is yours.


View provides a clean interface for your shop. Don’t crowd your view with thousands of buttons on the screen when all you need is to ring items fast with a scanner.
Scanner support for ringing up items quick and never stall your customer line from moving on…
Put orders on-hold, so your line never stops….
Serialization and warranty controls
Vendors and Purchase orders module that will allow your greater planning and controlling tools for your inventory.
Easy to use and extremely flexible commission feature will allow you to control store commission of your store, employee and items
Flexible Refund policy: Full Cash / Credit Refund or Store Credit Only.
Employee management to track hours of your staff and generate payroll reports
Track and generate sales reports by customers
Print or email receipts
Split tenders
Inventory tracking and management tools will show you what you have and what you are short. Recommendation on supply purchase orders and low inventory alarms.
Track your sales in real time

Visit today! Or, if you prefer, send me a message. Thanks!


Lisa Hughes, Business Development Manager
Bematech | 999 South Oyster Bay Road, Building 104, Bethpage New York 11714
832.217.6289 | f: 516.495.4075 | e: [email protected] | w:
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Hello Bermacash,

Oh my!

I bet most of us are thinking that you really should have written an introduction in the Introductions thread before blasting us with an ad for your product.

I'm also wondering how you were able to post links in your first post to the Coffee Forum. New members need 5 good posts before links are allowed. It looks like you slipped through the system.

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I'm sorry!! I'll go post an introduction now. I was simply looking to spread the word about my product here where it can be seen. I also made sure to make it very clear in the thread title that this was an advertisement, so that no one was misled to click the thread.

As for the links, I just copied and pasted them, maybe that's why they worked? I'm not sure. If it's not allowed I'm happy to remove them.
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