Best Coffee Maker?


New member
Nov 30, 2006
Koffey said:
I am in the market for purchasing a new coffee maker. I was told by my friends that even if you have the best beans for coffee that if you don't have the right coffee machine then your not experiencing coffee at its best.

What does everyone think? If I'm looking for the best coffee maker, I mean TOP NOTCH coffee machine for my house what machine would be recommended. Your help and opinions are very much appreated. Speak out and let me know what you think would be a fine coffee machine.

My last coffee maker was a twenty dollar coffee maker, I enjoyed it but now that I'm purchasing my own coffee beans over the Internet instead of the standard store brand coffee's I think I better make sure I'm experiencing the coffee to its finest!


I will give you two different options,one is pricey which is the Technivorm KBT741 which will last you fifteen years or more that brews at or about 190-200 degrees thats available at or a Yama vacuum Pot that is very inexpensive that is a conversation piece to watch that brews excellent coffee.This one is available at ,hope this helps!