best drip commercial coffee maker


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Nov 3, 2004
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I have used Bunn in the past but now I have switched to a few Curtis G3 airpot brewers. I'm really impressed with the consistent brew temp, pre-infusion and it's shower/pulse head. The airpots do not in my opinion keep the coffee hot enough after about 120 minutes but for me that's not a problem since I never have coffee that sits that long. They are also more money than other comm. brewers but well worth it because of the quality. I'd also look at Capresso products. I have an M500 at home and it brews a great pot! They don't have the look of a commercial machine but they are built as one. The Capresso's thermal server lid is a bit of a bad design, if I'm not careful when I pour I usually end up with coffee on the counter.


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Nov 20, 2004
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Capresso is in the $200 range

Bunn is in the $1,500 range

I see the difference in construction, I'll have to check out the flavor reviews... Thanks for your responses.