best home espresso machine


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Sep 25, 2003
Syracuse NY
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If you'te looking for a great HOME espresso machine it's conceivable that La Marzocco might be overkill. There are high end home machines machines available from a variety of manufacturers... Valentina, La Spaziale, Isomac, Quickmill, ECM and others... prices run from about $1,000 to $2,000. Soem of them can even be plumbed in, at least oen model has a dual boiler feature and all run on 110V power.

These are really solid machines capable (in the right hands) of delivering shots every but as good as a commercial machine but they simply aren't designed to handle the same type of daily volume.

You'll find a glut of used three and four group La Marzocco's on the market right now ranging from very good condition to those needing total refurbishing - most of them are old Starbucks machines. Finding a used two group Linea is a bit tougher and used one group Linea's are scarcer than hen's teeth.