Best Online Source for Green Coffee Beans


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Oct 28, 2004
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I've looked into several websites for my green beans. Tried "The Capatin's Coffee" because others made such a fuss about it. They had great personal service and good prices.
Would doubt the Tsunami is the reason they are not selling- the area mandehling is grown in is a long way away from the coastal plain effected by the disaster and most of this years crop was already harvested, procesed and down in the big warehouses in Medan when the disster happened. Could be that they do not carry much stock of Mandehling and they have sold out due to demand for the bean created by the disaster...or they normally carry low stocks, buy on spot price from a broker. The spot for Mandehling went through the roof a while back due to other non-earthquake related reasons.

My goodness...just checked out the site. Would steer away from the Bali...we ar not carrying any stock as the crop was not that good this year...and the prices?? Maybe I should start shipping green direct to home roasters in the USA :grin: