Bitter Americano taste


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Sep 3, 2023
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Hey! I'm so very sorry if It's the wrong forum section and if I may misuse vocabulary since I'm quite good at English, but I suck at coffe-related vocabulary and English is my 3rd language.
So I bought an espresso machine Krups EA897B10 and I have Americano taste issues: it tastes too bitter for me. It doesn't taste like coal, so the beans are not overcooked & they also look generally well (Lavazza Orro 1 kg). This coffee was made this May, so it must be fresh. My mom likes the taste, but she likes it more bitter than I do, I like it more sweet but also not watery.
I've tried different setting combinations like drink strength, grind level and the temperature. Even with the minimum temperature and only 1 bean it's still bitter.
The machine has 5 grind levels. The 1st tastes awfully acidic, the 2nd tastes like bitter water, the 3rd is too bitter, 4th is a little less bitter and the 5th is also a little bitter, but not that much.
I also tried making 3 coffee cups after changing the grind level so that it would be changed competely, but only once when I switched to the 5th. Should I keep trying and make extra cups for proper grind level change or it won't help? Maybe it's about the beans, but they look fine I think...
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