Jan 22, 2006
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shadow745 said:
Can you suggest some espresso blends? The only problem I've experienced with flavored beans is that some flavors are overpowering when brewed as espresso. Thanks for any info. Later!

Espresso blending depends on your preference. I like nutty and fairly sweet so my blends tend to South American and Indonesian beans medium roasted rarely with any oils showing.

I like to experiment and so far I find that less is more. My best blends have been mild bases and one other type of bean with maybe an aged bean or a robusta to spice things up. A base of Panama SHB EP and Nicaraguan SHG EP blended 3 or 4 parts : 2 with maybe a 1/2 part Monsoon Malibar or Indian Robusta for spice makes for a good espresso. 3 parts Yeman Mocha Matari blended green with 2 parts green Sulawesi Kolossi and roasted together to light/med is very chocolatey.

Blending isn't always necessary with espresso either. Some prefer single origin pulls to blends.


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Jan 26, 2005
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La Crema Coffee said:
NEVER use flavored beans for espresso, if like vanilla, or hazelnut flavored beans are what you are refering to..

I'd be interested in your reason. I haven't tried flavored beans for espresso but I imagine it wouldn't taste very good and the flavor might contaminate the machine. Any other reason?

Contamination of the grinder, espresso machine, and most anything that comes into contact. I should state that this advice is for commercial, and not so important to home use. I make(roast then flavor) really good drip coffee, and if a home user wants to use it in thier machine, that's cool by me.

Coffee Guy

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Oct 19, 2003
Seattle,Washington USA
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AAhhhhhh...Blending is near and dear to my heart... :wink:

I would have to take odds to the following comment...
Blending isn't always necessary with espresso either. Some prefer single origin pulls to blends.

I personally feel that single origins for espresso lack the profile needed to stand up to the flavors and milks added to these types of drinks. I feel the only exception might be if you were pulling straight shots for your own enjoyment. There are as many different blends as there are stars in the sky when it comes to blending. I just happen to enjoy creating new blends, rather they are accidential or on purpose.

In any case No...No...No never use flavored coffee in your espresso machine.