Blue Mountain espresso?


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May 13, 2006
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My Italian girlfriend and I normally drink Illy from our espresso machine.
We're no experts but we like good coffee.

Through reading this forum we would like to try some Jamaican Blue Mountain.

Is Blue Mountain tasty as espresso or better as american coffee?

thank you

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Oct 19, 2003
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I would not suggest that anyone experiment with a coffee of this caliber to try as espresso unless you have money to burn 8) . Although JBM is exceptional when presented under the correct conditions, i.e., roasted properly (to your taste), ground properly, and brewed correctly, then presented in a warm cup, this coffee stands alone. But if you do decide to try it as an espresso, I would love to hear your comments. :wink:


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Jun 21, 2006
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jamaican blue mountain espresso

I bought a very small amount of Jamaican blue mountain from the super market and grounded it fresh there because I have not bought my burr grinder yet. I only bought as much as I'd need for a few days (about 6 double shot of espressos worth) and it was only $2 for that amount at Genuardi's.

I am no expert so I can't be sure if the JBM on sale at genuardi's was the highest caliber, I was surprised they even had it...

Regardless, I think this works great for anyone who wants to sample some blue mountain espresso or any other expensive bean for that matter and needless to say the cappuccinos were DELICIOUS!

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