Braun old E599 - Shots 9 sec tops


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Dec 31, 2017
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Hey , a bit frustrated of a Braun E599 (that actually got for free haha but still).
Was sittinga long time in the closet and got it out now and set it on, seems to work but something is not ok -
Shots don't come out for more than 9 seconds. I fined the grind on and on but still.. The taste as expected is missing body, rembrants of bitterness.
So I tried to think about the variables:
The grinder: a Burr petra electra, works pretty fine and the ground looks overall ok except for sometimes "rocks" of grind that sticked to each other.
The Tamping: My main suspections - The machine came with 2 portafilters for 1-2 or 3-4 cups, but the thing is it is not filled to the top. It has also a 'max line' and when above it the filter does not lock. This means I can't properly level the coffee before tamping it. Another thing is that the tamper, a cheap plastic tampr, doesn't cover the whole ring of the filterbasket, and leaves a smole ring untamped.
1. Therefore is it possible that the water is being channel time after time (not even one slower brew). Also the time didn't really change when I changed the grind.
2. The machine is done? Old machine, maybe something with the pressure? Temparture?

Thanks, love and shots.


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Dec 31, 2017
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I'm still not able to post here photos unfortunately, but I rechecked and I have mistaken, it is a E600 Braun not E599. Googled the model and it gives now many pictures of it.


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Aug 15, 2005
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Never seen a machine quite like that one. First, what coffee are you using as the most important factor with espresso is using FRESH coffee? Any coffee (single origin/blend/roast level) will work for espresso, but some are much better suited for the pressure involved, but it has to be somewhat fresh. Otherwise you will have more harshness, less body, etc.

Does the machine sound as if it has a pump when you turn it on?