Breville Espresso HELP last straw...


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Dec 20, 2020
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Hi, I bought a Breville barista express BES870XL a few months ago. The first two weeks it worked perfect just on default settings (grind 5, amount 3 o clock auto grind, default mL). Maybe a small tweak to get a perfect even tasting double shot. No special beans. It then gradually started going downhill. Spends a lot of time in pre extraction and requiring a lot of adjustments to get it right. Of note I reset the program mL to default multiple times. I managed to get a decent single shot with a single wall filter single shot with grind 8, amount 2 o clock, default mL. I’ve been trying now with the single wall double shot and gradually tweaking until I got to a grind of ONE super fine, amount 5 o clock (where it was literally SPILLING to the front of the machine), default mL, the strongest tamp I could muster and it spent 80% of time in pre extraction and then hung out maybe between 10-11 in gray zone briefly and shot was VERY sour. The previous 5 attempts were purely in pre extraction with a ton of fine grind (maybe 2-3 grind, 4-5 o clock amount). It should be OVER extracting if anything.
I called the help people and they’re blaming the beans. I don’t think it’s the beans at this point. It’s not working the same as out of the box but please let me know any feedback I feel like I’m about to toss this and get a Jura. I just want to confirm I’m not crazy and this not working right.
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