Buna bet Amsterdam


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Dec 6, 2006
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' Buna bet' is the Ethiopian word for ' coffeehouse'. It's a new coffeeshop in Amsterdam ( no, they don't sell pot), located in the van Woustraat near the Ceintuurbaan. The coffee is fairtrade and, surprise surprise, ethiopian. I bought 250 grams of Harrar beans for 3,50 euros ( including grind of choice, in my case espresso). With my moka pot I made some really fantastic coffee with a very noticeable wine'ish aroma. Next week I'm going to try their Jirga, which I hope is just Yirgacheffe with a different name.

If you want excellent, not too expensive coffee, go to Buna bet in the van Woustraat 74. You can buy coffeebeans or you can sit there and enjoy a great cup of cappuccino. Either way, you won't be dissapointed.