BunJava 2 Month Update


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Jan 19, 2008
Cocoa Beach, FL
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We just hit our 2 month mark. Hours are 6:30-130 and the occasional night (five concerts so far). Starting this week we have poker on Fridays and music every saturday evening. Business doubling every two weeks. Will probably hit the break even point next month (bills plus theoretical min wage for my wife). The big struggle is to get the avg sale above $7. Food has been the biggest help. We now serve banana bread, pumpkin bread, homemade cookies, soup, sandwiches, etc - all homemade and high quality (soup is Campbells commercial though). We raised prices because we noticed price was not a big driver for our average customer since we have the best atmosphere of any coffee shop around and we try to personalize the experience. We were also priced too low considering our higher food/supply costs. We have the best coffee too (Wahoo is close though;)) so we give value to the customer. We also got our beer/wine license in prep for opening evenings. BMI is shaking us down for licensing fees to play live music and we'll probably have to relent soon unless i decide to get on my soapbox and push original music only. Working on getting more community stuff going in the shop and around the shop. also want to do a lot more to help the local music scene. We're on twitter at www.twitter.com/bunjavacoffee and myspace at www.myspace.com/bunjavacoffee

PS American Express == a@#hole. Wife doesn't want to take American Express any more because of the fees and people that use that card seem to never tip.