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Apr 26, 2014
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Okay, over a year ago I bought a "commercial" Keurig machine, intended for offices, motels, etc. I bought an extended warranty and the machine lasted just until the warranty expired. As to coffee, it was never quite hot enough for my taste. Then I got a Platinum model. It was okay, while it lasted, but having to add water constantly was a nuisance and the water tank began to look crappy. Trying to clean with vinegar was a pain because of all the water it takes to get back to coffee and removing the water tank to fill it will cause the thing to begin to leak or create other problems. Although it offers different size cups of coffee, the delivery was inconsistent. Sometimes I got more and sometimes less coffee than I expected. After a little over a year it too died.
This time, I did a little research and found the Bunn My Café. It runs about $160. I paid about $150 at Best Buy. Bunn makes a commercial version too, but it runs nearly $400.
In the past I've owned Bunn coffeemakers and always liked the fact that the water stayed hot so you got fast coffee, although having to make a pot at a time was a bit much for me. This coffeemaker offers the best of both worlds: single cups but waiting hot water.
Okay, so far I like almost everything about this coffeemaker. No exterior water tank so it's compact. It has four different product containers. You can use the one you prefer and/or all of them, depending. One holds K cups and in less than a minute you have a cup of coffee. The amount you get depends on how much water you pour in. Unlike Keurig, Bunn actually suggests you not use bottled water, but simple tap water to get the best flavor. The next holder is a small drip maker. No paper filter needed. You just put in the desired amount of coffee and insert the holder into the machine. Add water and voilà, piping hot coffee almost instantly. You've probably seen those little pods they sometimes offer in motels. Well, the next holder takes any sort of little pod or tea bag and there you go. The last holder is for hot water only. You can quickly make a cup of chocolate or whatever.
Some complain that the machine is a bit noisy, but It's just a fizzy sound of coffee being pushed through the grounds. Ends with a bit of a finale that tells you your coffee is ready.
So far I really like this machine. It's easy to use, the coffee is plenty hot and tastes better, I believe, than the coffee I was having.
Actually, I have only minor complaints, and it's nothing serious; just me: The opening for the insertion of water for coffee has a little sliding cover. I expected the cover to lift straight up with a hinge at the back, but no, it swivels. I'm getting used to it, but personally, I don't like that little feature.
After about 6 hours, the machine goes into sleep mode, and takes a minute to rise back temperature, but that's no big thing. As to the product holders, I'm not sure I really love the way they were designed. They have plastic covers, some with little handles, etc, and I have a feeling they'd be easy to break, and replacements run about $25 each from Bunn.
Overall, I'm really quite satisfied with my Bunn My Café. I've had it a month now and no problems. Fast hot coffee is just what I need all day to keep going, and this machine delivers.

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