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Jan 31, 2007
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I'm looking for a burr grinder in the under $90 range. I will be using it daily for a 12 cup coffee machine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks :)
If you're just looking for something simple to use at home, I used to have a Cuisinart DBM-8 I liked a lot. It costs about $50 depending on where you go - I think they sell them at Bed Bath & Beyond. It does the trick and is definitely a big step up from a blade grinder!
Hi grounds,
I purchased an open box Starbucks Barista grinder for about $70 on ebay. It's my first ever burr grinder, but I think the pro's are:
a) good grind, but the coursest setting is not super course
b) looks great on the counter top
c) easy to clean
d) price

a) a consistent spray of grounds over time from static electricity, a little bit each time
b) loud
c) can't grind super coursely
d) can't stop the grind until it's done the full amount you prescribed with the turn of the dial - have to wait til the end (or maybe unplug)

Let us know what you get and review it,
If you have $90 to spend look no further than the Capresso Infinity with the ABS housing. I have one with the brushed chrome housing, which cost $140, but the ABS is identical internally where it counts and the only difference is the plastic housing. Not to bust on anybody's recommendations, but the Cuisinart (which I owned) uses the cheapest type of "burrs" and really destroys the coffee and the Barista really isn't in the same class as the Infinity. The Infinity is well made, has a nice beefy set of burrs that are properly supported (a real problem in the Barista), is super easy to clean and adjust and does a great job for an all-in-one type of grinder. It'll grind in flakes for press or like baby powder for Turkish and any spot in between. Later!
grounds said:
I'm looking for a burr grinder in the under $90 range. I will be using it daily for a 12 cup coffee machine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks :)

Hello. I suggest that you go to Amazon and search on the Kitchenaid Proline coffee grinder. Many times you can get a new one for only $99.99 (with free shipping!). That is $200 off normal price.

All the rest of the grinders people have mentioned here do not compare in any way to the Proline. Most have junk plastic components that coffee grounds will stick to (via static electricity). The Proline is solid metal and glass construction. Best by far, and you can take that to the bank.

I agree with you Len, as I own a Pro Line and I think it's the best deal under $300. Super solid, great performance and 95% plastic free. I have made several modifications to it for even better consistency and bean feeding. However, this person was asking for something for under $90 and I hardly ever see the Pro Line that cheap. If they're willing to spend a bit more then by all means they'll be really pleased with the Pro Line. I also have the Pro Line espresso machine and it's outstanding in all aspects so far. Later!

I have the cuisinart mentioned before. I like it a lot because it has a wide range of grinds. I can use it for espresso and also for Moka pot coffee. It will also do grinds for drip and french press. It does have a plastic hopper on top and below, and grinds do collect on the walls of the bottom hopper. I can see that some flavored coffee could leave a residue in the top hopper. It has a dose selector and you can slide the switch to off at anytime during operation. It normally runs for $40us, but it can be found new for $29us! I have also used a less expensive Black and Decker grinder. It can run around $20us. It does ok but it barely makes it for espresso. The main thing I wish it had is an dose selector. The B&D only has an on/off switch that you must hold on until you get the amount you want - which might be too much or too little. I don''t like to leave grounds in the hopper. It will do the job and looks sharp. The Top door must be closed all the way for the grinder to operate. It gives a resonably even grind. The grind seems somehow dryer(less oily?)in this grinder. For the extra 9 bucks - get the cuisinart!

Another grinder I bought recently was a melitta that had a dose selector and an off button. It says burr grinder but it is not a CONICAL grinder! I think you call it a plate grinder. I don''t like it. I get uneven grinding and even at its fine setting, it is only fine enough for french press coffee. Forget doing Moka pot or espresso with the Melitta.
CCafe said:
You will rarely hear me plug for some of the cheaper brands but try looking at this Cuisinart.

http://www.cuisinart.com/catalog/produc ... 5&cat_id=3

My in-laws have one, I tried it and it doesn't do too bad of a job.

Too bad of a job compared to what? Grinding beans between two rocks? IMO, stay away from it as it's a piece of crap. I bought one to use with an older Capresso machine that uses pressurized baskets and it wouldn't grind with enough consistency or fineness regardless of bean type. It might be OK for drip, but even that's pushing it a bit. Anything more demanding and you're gonna regret it. It's a good thing they took mine back.

It is built OK for the price and has a nice look, but that's where the positives end. Later!
Sure!!! The ABS version Capresso Infinity can be had for $89. Of course there's shipping/tax, but it falls in the under $90 category. Two others come to mind. The Bodum Antigua is OK and is fairly affordable and recently Costco.com had a Solis Scala (basically a Maestro) on sale for around $70. I still think the Infinity is light years ahead of those 2 though.

See, I've been burned by the so-called "burr" grinders that use the little $5 plates that have knobs (not sharp ridges) that beat the beans, not grind them. You see the term "burr grinder" on the box and then think it's OK to use, when it's really no better than a blade chopper. Later!
CCafe I'm new here and can't post a link. That's ok....but your link didn't work for me. That's for the inexpensive Cuisinart that you recommended in post No8.

I either need to fix my KitchenAid mill, or replace it. I love the coffee I used to make. My KA turns metal filings better than coffee beans. It has self-destructed.