Buy existing cart or start a new one?


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May 1, 2006
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I located a cart for sale, $18,000. It's an outdoor, 1 person mobile. The current owner just folds it up and wheels it against the building next to a safeway at the end of the day. It pays $400/month for the location rent. (sidewalk) Current profits are about $2k/month pre-salary(s). The cart is currently open M-F from 7-1 and Sat from 8 - 12. (34 hrs/week). The seller is moving and must sell the cart in the next few weeks or take it out of state with them.

I've been considering two potential opportunities:

  • Buy the cart, and put a minimum wage employee in (min+tips) and aim for about $400 positive cashflow per month. Or:

    Wait for the cart to move then put my own in there. But I am having a hard time finding carts for sale.

I have a couple family members whom I could trust not to pocket cash during the day, so the employee side of the business is not a concern yet for me. I'm more concerned about the investment feasibility and roi potential.