Cafe Style


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Mar 7, 2003
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Everyone beleives or knows that coffee is a stylish thing, those that know are in and those that don't may wish they were.

I have noticed at certain coffee shops I frequent dependant on style and location attract a wide variety of regulars. From the three old engineers that I've overheard talking about Time travel and other esoteric subject at a nice diner like cafe on Wilshire called "Wilshire Cafe", to some girls and guys I swear could or must be models and cafes that hold names such as "Bleu" and "Home", and even business professionals that swarm like flies outside local starbucks in Downtown Los Angeles.

What is your take on the variant cafe styles and attracted customers? For anyone with a cafe, what type of customer do you prefer and gear your cafe style towards?


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Sep 10, 2003
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I work in a locally-owner coffee shop and have the same regulars come in every morning--usually people on their way to work or those retired and in their routine. They know how they like their coffee and they love that I remember it and they don't even have to ask. But, they can be REALLY picky if someone else is behind the counter.

The coffee shop I frequent also has a large group of regulars every day, but it's more centered towards my age-group crowd (college). The atmosphere is different and much for lack of a much better word. Different location, different aims, I suppose.