Caffe Rosto Digirosto PRO1500+HD


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Mar 29, 2005
Delaware City, Delaware
Run! - Do not walk away from this product!!! Terrible service, terrible reliability, absolutely not commercial and unless they have improved the "smoke eliminator" it doesn't work. Demand (not ask) for at least 10 references using the roaster currently with at least 5 of the references using the roaster for more than 1 year. Don't make the same mistake I made!!!!!!

La Crema Coffee

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Oct 9, 2005
Northwest Washington State
one recomendation: monster coffee roaster. It's small easy to opperate and does a good job. It's not a professional roaster ( IMHO) but great for a home /cafe/drive thru.......

I have one, and a small drum roaster.....I love the IR-3.......