Caffeine content of chocolate covered espresso beans?


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Oct 24, 2005
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Choco Bean

Did a bit of investigation into this and here's the verdict. No one knows. There's been no study or even a scientific guess concerning this. Since it depends upon the bean variety, the roast level, etc. it cannot be accurately determined. Since the bean is not brewed, you can't just divide the size of the bean into a cup of expresso that has a know value of caffeine and come up with an equation. My daughter's getting married next month (no, you can't come) and for a table gift, she has a small wrapped box with 3oz of choco covered beans. They're different color choco and some with carmel and some with butterscotch. I tested one of each before she threatened me with physical harm. Great stuff. Who cares how much caffeine? Munch away. Think about it, the combination of the world's two best substances - chocolate and coffee. WOWOWOWOW.

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