Caffine on-the-go

I'd bring a portable coffeemaker when I'm...

  • commuting

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  • camping/outdoors

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  • at work

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  • vacationing

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  • everywhere - I'd keep it in my bag!

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New member
Sep 26, 2006
Delft, NL
Interested in a portable, go-anywhere coffeemaker?
Where would you bring it and what would it look like? Are there specific locations where coffee is hard to come by but much needed?
Can the characteristics of American coffee culture be easily described or are the nations coffee habits too diverse to generalize?

I’m part of a small team of students at TU Delft investigating American consumer coffee habits. We’re developing a portable coffeemaker designed to meet the needs of Americans in transit. If you’re interested in helping us out by completing a short survey, please contact me at Thanks.

Caffe Latte

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May 10, 2004
New York City
you would have to figure out how you would keep the machine from leaking inside of whatever bag you store it in. also, I'm assuming it would either be a closed system (ie: brew and drink in one entire machine, or have a thermos style mug (so brew section seperate) but definately no carafe.

i think you'd have to make it a closed system simply for portability issues so people are not luggin about a two part item which may make it bigger.

hate to say it, b/c i haven't heard good things about them, but it would probably be best if it was also a pod system as clean up would be a breeze, less mess, easier to carry. Although, how would it get power?


New member
Nov 18, 2006
Pods are good! Pods are great, you just have to buy the good ones.

I make coffee at work, camping (although camping's not a current thing) and for hikes I bring a little skinny thermos and for car commutes I have a car cup.

A nice compact one cup brewer would be right up my alley. I think having it be a pod brewer would be a plus for neatness purposes, remember pods can be home-made too with your grounds of choice.