Calling all WMF Presto enthusiasts! Share your unique recipe configurations for a taste sensation!


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Mar 30, 2022
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Hello dear WMF Presto community,

I hope this post finds you all well and brimming with creativity!

Let's dive straight in: I'm a proud owner of a WMF Presto coffee machine, and have recently taken the plunge into the world of customization with the WMF configuration tool. The pre-configured recipes, while adequate, have started to feel a bit monotonous, and I'm ready to take my coffee experience to new heights. And who better to help than you all, the savvy community of WMF Presto users?

I know that many of you have been experimenting with your own recipes and configurations for quite a while now, and I'm extremely excited to dive into this coffee exploration with you.

What I'm asking for are your personal favourite configurations and recipes. Do you have a latte recipe that tastes just like a cozy winter evening by the fireplace? Or an espresso setting that gives you the jolt you need on a Monday morning? Or maybe a complex, fragrant cappuccino that reminds you of your favourite cafe in Italy?

No matter how adventurous or unconventional your recipe is, I'd love to hear about it. Let's not limit ourselves to just coffee, either - perhaps some of you have ventured into the world of tea or hot chocolate, or even come up with something completely new and innovative!

As we share our own configurations, let's remember to include some details about what makes your recipe unique, and how you arrived at the perfect balance of flavors. That way, we can all learn from each other and broaden our horizons together.

Thank you in advance for your participation, and I can't wait to taste the unique blends and flavors this community has to offer. Here's to us, and to our shared love of exceptional coffee!


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