Calorie count of an espresso


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Mar 23, 2007
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I saw something about calorie counts of some coffees in another thread and it prompted me to ask.

Whats the calorie count of your average single espresso? No sugor no cream, just a sing shot espresso. What other nutritional or fat values does it have? Just curious. Thanks!
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I used to not like the espresso much maybe about three o four years ago I started to dabble with them. I'd order them from Starbuck, or Seatles Best, but still need to add a pack or two of sugar. I did this until about a year ago when I stopped a local mom & pop place owned by a guy who owns the plantation his family and his coffee comes from in Africa. he first one I ordered I added my sugar and t was way to sweet. The next one i used one sugar and it was still sweet. Finally I ordered one and timidly tasted it wityh no sugar and it had a sweetness to it, but perfectly so. I was shocked. I am thrilled that i can enjoy the natural taste of coffee cook correctly.
I don't pretend to know how all this works and adds up into calories but from someone that has to watch his carb intake those foo foo drinks had to go. In a small McDonald's Carmel Frappee which is 12oz there are 64 total carbs. Most of that comes from the 57 grams of sugar that are in it. I know because my wife loves these.

Alex is right, if I have one of these my next meal would have to be salad.