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Aug 30, 2004
West Virginia
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I will be going to Chicago three times in the next 2 months on personal business. One of those visits will coinside with Coffeefest Chicago 2005.

I have a few quick questions to anyone who knows Chicago or coffeefest Chicago.

Since coffeefest is at the Navy Pier, what is traffic and parking like for the coffeefest?
Is there 'trade secrets' on places to park for free?
What about traffic, what is the best time to drive and miss the peak times. I lived in LA, visit Chicago annually (not downtown) so I know Chicago has traffic, just looking for a little assistance.
Any suggestions or help would be appreciated on how to move around the Navy Pier area.

While we are at it, any good and reasonable places to stay for 4 nights within 20 or so miles?

Now the other questions.....

Any great coffee or tea shops/cafes in the greater Chicago area worth the visit?

Thanks for you help ahead of time.

West Virginia


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Oct 18, 2004
Portland, OR
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Hi Rick,

Great to hear you are attending CoffeeFest. Not sure about parking on Navy Pier, I would imagine most attendees who are at a hotel may take a cab or public transit.

As far as hotels go, I would recommend looking at ... search in the area around navy pier and see what you can find. Usually you can save 50% or so on hotel rooms.

If you would like a free pass to the show (anyone else, you too) send me your email this morning, or call Bellissimo at 800-655-3955 and we can send you one.

Chicago is Intelligentsia stomping ground so check out them.



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Oct 18, 2004
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You will want to park at your hotel and take public transportation to Navy Pier. Parking at the pier is *outrageous*, even more so when there is an event.

Check out Intelligentsia - there are 2 chicago locations.

For best hotel rates, I would check one of the online travel sites like orbitz or travelocity.

Chicago traffic isn't that bad if you leave the city by 3pm or so. After that you will hit the usual slowdowns on the tollways. Unless the weather is really bad - then traffic just stinks all day LOL!